Idaho Women Only Workshops

This is the original Idaho Women Only Workshops.

Our classes are taught by Idaho female instructors – not men. Sorry men, we ladies stick together – we don’t need some guy telling us what it’s all about!

Ladies, put some WOW in your training!  Get the BEST of Level 1’s Women Only Workshops™ and save on your education!  Great for beginners and ladies that want to develop their pistol and self-defense skills. 

Makes for the Ultimate Girl’s Day Out Experience!

IMAGE: Idaho Women's Only Workshop Pistol Class checking targets at the range.

What to expect from your Idaho Women’s Only Workshop.

  • Class days are informative, and hands-on lessons and range drills are fun.
  • By the end, you will learn to handle a firearm for recreation and basic personal protection.
  • For those who choose the WOW  Women’s Training Package…be prepared for a fun learning experience!  Come with a positive attitude and be ready to learn new skills.

Flattery is the best form of a compliment – we are very flattered other instructors are riding on our original Women’s Only” class concepts. Our “Women’s Only” class is taught by a Nationally Recognized Female InstructorNo men, no husband-wife teams, no excuses or “unique” approaches to teaching this course. Only the BEST in women-only instructing is taught by our nationally recognized female instructor.

Firearms training is a journey, not an event. There is a lot to be learned and mastered as you train to increase your skills and knowledge in handling a handgun or any other firearm. You cannot learn all there is to learn in one class, don’t let other instructors tell you otherwise. Our three (3) step approach to learning how to use your firearm safely and accurately will have you shooting like a pro in no time.

Class Offerings

Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training)

Beginner Pistol Class 101

IMAGE: Women earning about firearms safety and maintenance.

Women’s Beginner Pistol Class 101 is part of Level 1’s Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training).  This is a beginner-level class designed for ladies in Idaho with limited firearms experience to understand the essentials of owning a pistol.  The workshop is taught by a nationally recognized and accredited female instructor and explores women-specific firearm concepts (sorry, guys…you’re not built the same!). 

Our Idaho Women’s Only Beginner Pistol Class covers the major essential requirements for learning how to use a handgun safely. Topics include choosing a Shooting Stance, Proper Grip Control, Trigger Control, Malfunctions, Firing your First Shots, and more.

Don’t let any of these topics scare you or put you off. They will be explained in great detail using our proprietary Modern Gun Training Techniques, which provide easy-to-follow directions and explanations. Students learn safe gun handling, maintenance, and shooting in a casual environment.  This course uses hands-on instruction, visual presentations, expert lectures, and fun range drills to enhance your learning experience. After this workshop, ladies can apply for the state of Idaho’s standard Concealed Carry Weapons Permit.

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Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training)

Skill Development 102

IMAGE: Recent Graduates from the Idaho Women's Only Class.

Our Idaho Women’s Pistol Skill Development Classes are part of Level 1’s Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training).   This skill development course is for ladies who have taken a beginner-level pistol class and are ready to learn to shoot more accurately. The workshop is taught by a nationally recognized female instructor and explores women-specific firearm concepts (sorry guys…this is a ladies’ class, and we know how to shoot!). Ladies learn advanced shooting techniques, concepts, and how to shoot more accurately.

Women’s Pistol Skill Development Class is included as part of our proprietary Modern Gun Training Techniques, which utilizes modern training technologies and methods designed for you to learn quickly and efficiently in a safe environment. It is essential for Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training).

The Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training) 102 class Pistol Development focuses on refining the basic skills you learned during the Women’s Beginner Pistol Classes 101 Workshop. Ladies will learn to refine essential pistol shooting skills in a fun and safe environment. Using our Modern Firearms Training Techniques, students see a noticeable difference in accuracy. Skill improvement combines focusing on the essentials, such as improving Shooting stances, Aiming, Breath Control, Hold Control, Trigger Control, and Follow-through.

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Idaho Women Only Workshops (WOW Training)

Concealed Carry Classes 103

IMAGE: Idaho Women's Only Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Workshop.

The Idaho Women’s Concealed Carry Classes 103 Workshop is part of  Level 1’s Women Only Workshops™ (WOW Training). 

This course is extremely informative and designed to better prepare Idaho women to concealed carry a firearm responsibly and confidently in public.

This in-person personal defense concept course, presented by Level 1 Firearms Training, is exclusive to Women Only (sorry, guys…this workshop is for ladies only!). Classes are taught by a nationally recognized and accredited female firearms instructor.  What better way to improve your knowledge and skills than another woman who knows what it’s like to conceal carry?

Women-specific defense concepts will be explored as well as choosing a firearm for personal protection, ammunition selection, holstering and conceal purse options, situational awareness, cover & concealment, defensive mindset,  personal defense strategies, an extensive overview of Idaho gun laws,  interstate travel with a firearm, proper interaction with police, aftermath of a shooting event, and much more!  

After completing this class, ladies can apply for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Permit at your local sheriff’s department. The training also allows Idaho residents to apply for the Oregon non-resident concealed carry permit, a must-have if they visit or travel through Oregon.

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Idaho Women’s Only Workshops

Beginner Rifle Class 101

Image: Idaho Women's Only Rifle Workshop

Women’s Only Beginner Rifle Class 101 is part of  Level 1’s premier Women Only Workshops™ (WOW Training).  This beginner-level course is designed for ladies with limited or no rifle experience. 

The rifle workshop is taught by a nationally recognized and accredited female firearms instructor. Training is exclusively for women-only female certified instructors and is for Women Only (sorry guys…this workshop is for the gals to have fun while they learn).  This is not designed to be a rifle marksmanship or tactical rifle course. Ladies will learn at their own pace without the pressure applied by other Idaho instructors during these types of classes.

Learn safe rifle handling, maintenance, storage, basic scoping, and shooting techniques in a relaxed small group environment with other ladies. Topics will include a basic understanding of the many rifle actions available, and there is most common usage. Ammunition is an important subject for all rifle users. A wide variety of ammunition is available, and making sense of the many options can appear daunting. Our Women’s Only Beginner Rifle 101 Class will dispel the confusion leaving you confident about rifles.

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