Our Idaho Instructor Specialty Classes focus beyond the level firearms instructors possess in training. Classes address the many areas of our lives that are important to consider, self-defense, security, and surroundings. If you do not see the class you are looking for, email us for upcoming dates.

Home and Businesses Instructor Classes

IMAGE: Business and Home Protection Strategies

Level 1 Firearms Idaho Protection Strategies for Homes and Businesses Classes teach Idaho students who are interested in safely & responsibly protecting their family at home and their patrons who shop at their businesses. 

Includes instruction on teaching intermediate home and business defense concepts, awareness development, safe room principles, 21 ft. rule, home cover, concealment opportunities, and invasion and burglary scenarios for home and business properties. Practical range skills and drills prepare owners for many shooting scenarios.

Idaho Church Security Instructor Class

Idaho Church Security Training

Level 1 Firearms Idaho Church Security Instructor Course teaches the necessary skills for the firearms instructor to teach church “best practices” to follow in the event of a massive security breach.

Church security training is a very specialized area of focus that requires more than just a concealed carry instructor certification. Join one of Idaho’s best church security training teams.

Idaho Teachers and School Security Team Instructor Classes

Our Idaho teachers and schools should feel safe while class is in session. Depending on your school district policies, it may be possible for teachers to carry concealed in class. Alternatively, a secured lock box may be attached to the wall or inside a closet. Private schools can make their own security rules related to armed teachers and school security teams.

School security teams are trained to locate weaknesses in the building design and how to mitigate losses in the event of a school breach. Level 1 Firearms Training will design a security plan for your school that maximizes security and minimizes losses.

Idaho Neighborhood Watch Instructor Class

Image: Neighborhood Watch Sign

Our Idaho Neighborhood Watch Instructor Class goes over the proper ways a neighborhood watch team should be taught. We go over the essentials of keeping the neighborhood safe, what the neighborhood watch personnel should be looking for, how to react, and when to call the police.

In addition to core training, the neighborhood watch instructor receives extensive training on the law to help keep his team out of harm’s way. There’s a lot more to a neighborhood watch team, and instructors should be properly trained before trying to form one.

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