The Home and Business Instructor Class teaches the necessary skills to teach the Idaho Home and Business Class.

Instructors will learn how to teach beginner defensive shooting skills properly, and strategies for responding to a home invasion or a business holdup.

More Advanced Training

Advanced techniques teach students how to secure their home or business, de-escalation techniques, and teach students how to choose the right firearm for their defense. Home and Business Protection Classes extend beyond your typical concealed carry class. Concealed carry instructors should advance their basic instructor knowledge to include home and business defense strategies, and classes.

Topics Instructors Teach

Many subject matter topics are taught in such a way the instructor can teach the student protection classes. An outline of what the instructor will learn:

  • Properly review basic firearms safety and best practice storage of guns.
  • Instructors explain the different types of ammunition available in a way the students comprehend.
  • Defensive shooting skills.
  • A much deeper dive into the four levels of awareness.
  • Teaching methods that will develop a defensive mindset.
  • Advanced aiming and firing techniques.
  • Cover and concealment options at home or their businesses.
  • How to secure homes and businesses.
  • The aftermath of a defensive shooting.
  • Explaining the psychological and psychological effects that can occur after a shooting.
  • Identity Theft: Beyond the physical effects of an attack.
  • Providing additional information for where to look for resources.

How This Class is Different from other Personal Protection Classes

There are many personal protection classes available to the general public. The NRA has its Personal Protection in the Home Class, USCCA, and Legal Heat. Each of these classes offers sufficient advice on how students can keep themselves safe and secure in their homes and work.

Level 1 Firearms Home and Business Classes are designed to take the best of all personal protection programs and combine them into one comprehensive class. Level 1 Firearms Training isn’t pushing a membership or some insurance plan. Our Home and Business Protection Classes are constantly updated with the latest, and newest, personal protection options.

Classes are taught by Level 1 Firearms Training