About the Idaho AR-15 Classes

Idaho AR-15 Classes

Idaho AR-15 Classes are specifically designed for you to learn about the AR-15 rifle platform. The AR-15 is a civilian rifle for many purposes: Sporting, Hunting, and Self-defense.

The two letters which proceed with this rifle’s name are nothing more than a distinct make of a rifle, much like Hoover or Dyson Vacuums; AR-15s are variants of rifles, period.

NEWS media outlets and radical anti-gun organizations want you to believe “AR” is an abbreviation that means “Assault Rifle” or “Automatic Rifle”; it is neither. The AR-15 is not a “weapon“, it is not designed to be a “weapon of mass destruction“, it is not an automatic rifle. The AR-15 is just a rifle, that can be customized for your needs, nothing more.

A Brief History of the AR-15 Rifle

IMAGE: AR-15 Safety Switch

“AR” stands for the original designer of this popular modern-style rifle. “AR” stands for “ArmaLite Rifle, ” designed and created by the California-based arms manufacturer ArmaLite. The ArmaLite manufacturing company sold its design to Colt, one of the largest and most respected gunmakers in America, known for their quality work, craftsmanship, and reliability. After a few design tweaks, Colt released an automatic version to the military known as the M16.

Because the design is essentially the same in appearance, civilians mistakenly assume both rifles operate as automatic rifles, a completely false assumption on the part of the consumer.

Educated consumers know Colt is the only manufacturer that owns the trademark of the term “AR-15”. The “Colt AR-15” can only be used by Colt manufacturing and no one else. This brings us to the “other” AR-15 manufacturers, such as Daniel Defense, Rugar, and Smith & Wesson who can only advertise their rifles as “AR-15-Style” rifles.

Why AR-15 Style Rifles Are Appealing

Let’s face it – they’re cool! They’re the Bomb. They are simply Awesome! They are RAD!

You can attach scopes and red dots to these rifles, helping you to improve your shot placement.

Unlike hunting rifles, you can attach a flashlight for better visibility.

Like hunting rifles, you can switch out the trigger for better performance.

Unlike hunting rifles, you can adjust the length of the stock for better comfort.

Idaho AR-15 Class Offerings

Idaho AR-15 Beginner Classes 101

The first class offered in our popular AR-15 series of classes is the Idaho AR-15 Rifle Essentials 101 Course.

This course is designed for the Idaho AR-15 rifle beginner student to learn the basics of safe gun handling, shooting fundamentals, AR-15 rifle maintenance, and basic Idaho laws for owning a rifle, and safely securing an AR-15 rifle when not in use.

The course is rifle specific, focused entirely on the AR-15 platform.

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Idaho AR-15 Essentials Classes 102

Idaho AR-15 Defensive Rifle Classes

The Idaho AR-15 Essentials Classes is learning about using the AR-15 Rifle platform for Home and Business Defense.

This course explores AR-15 Rifle owners’ many options to outfit their rifles for home and business defense.

Unlike the Idaho AR-15 Beginner Class 101, which focuses on the basics of owning an AR-15 rifle, the Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class 102 focus on using the AR-15 rifle as a defense tool.

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Idaho AR-15 Defence Classes 103

IMAGE: AR-15 Front Sight

The Idaho AR-15 Defence Class discusses the right accessories to have on your rifle and the correct ammunition for the use of the rifle. The class focuses on close distance, in-home shooting proximities to the short-distance shooting of dangerous wildlife on your property.

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