The following is a non-partial review of Shooting Ranges in Idaho. If your range is not listed, please email us, and we will send a representative to review and rate your range. Kindly note, that our reviews are fair and balanced.

5 Stars (Pass)Excellent. Exceptional Mastery. Much more than acceptable.
4 Stars (Pass)Very Good. Full Performance Behaviours. Above average.
3 Stars(Pass)Good. Acceptable. Satisfactory Average.
2 Stars (Fail)Weak. Less than Acceptable.
1 Star (Fail)Fail. Not Recommended – Use at Own Risk!

George W. Nourse Public Range
16802 Nash Ln, Nampa, ID 83686

NOTE: Most GPS Locators cannot find the range- we suggest Google Maps for the best Directions.

IMAGE: George W. Nourse Range Sign

The George W. Nourse public range is located near the Nampa waste management facility. Best to visit on weekdays as weekends are very busy. The range can be windy at times, wear appropriate clothing for the season. The range closes at dusk and they are serious. A Nampa sheriff arrives to escort you off the range after dusk.

Directions to George W Nourse Outside Shooting Range – Nampa, Idaho

Map to George W Nourse Shooting Range from Boise & Nampa Idaho

Overall Rating: 2-Star
Weak. Less than Acceptable.


  • User Friendly: Open to All Shooters
  • Instructor Friendly: Open to All Instructors.
  • No Range Officer – Shooters and Instructors can run training events such as drawing from the holster and moving to cover. Some bays allow you to go downrange for complex drills.
  • Ammunition Restrictions: None (not posted at the range or on the website.)
  • Normally very quiet during the week.


  • Staff: NONE
  • Parking: Dirt Lot, rough in some areas.
  • Amenities: Porta-potty
  • Refreshments: NONE nearby. Bring plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  • Overhead Covering: NONE
  • Target Stands: NONE – must provide own backers, targets, staple gun, other.
  • Lanes: Several are available. Dirt berms accommodate from one to many in size for individual or group events.
  • Benches: Mostly wood, some in need of repair others are concrete, bring pads.
  • No Range Officer – This can be very dangerous at times. New shooters flag the range, don’t follow posted range rules and have no sense of what they are doing.
  • Very busy on weekends and holidays.
  • Condition: Primitive to poor. Weekends are crowded and cluttered with appliances, left-over target stands, and cartridges.

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