About the Idaho Rifle Instructor Training Class

Image: Rifle Bench Rest Position

Level 1 Firearms Rifle Instructor Class teaches aspiring Idaho Rifle Instructors the fundamental and advanced teaching methods to assist students with getting on target.

Learn to assist Idaho students in developing practical skills, assess their progress, and work through a checklist of training standards to help prepare students to safely own, handle, maintain, and shoot a rifle. 

Starting with Basics

In this class, aspiring rifle instructors will learn how to teach students to use their rifles. The fundamentals are taught at every stage of the student rifle class. Some of these highlights are:

  • Gun Safety Rules
  • Types of Rifle Actions
  • Ammunition Basics
  • Aiming
  • Breath Control
  • Hold Control
  • Trigger Control
  • Follow-Through
  • Introduction to Scopes
  • Different Stances
  • Rifle Accessories
  • and more

At the Range

Instructors will use a combination of Modern Gun Training Techniques and old-school training methods. Students learn how to shoot their rifles quickly and more accurately when combining these teaching methods.