Idaho Pistol Class 102: Shooting with Confidence!

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Shooting with Confidence!

Idaho Pistol Class 102: Shooting with Confidence! takes the new pistol user to the next level in accuracy, shooting, and gun familiarity.

Shooting with Confidence is a development course where students build upon existing basic pistol concepts and abilities.

IMAGE: Idaho Pistol Instructor Qualification Shoot at Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

Shooting with Confidence uses advanced Modern Gun Training Techniques that ensure you will know everything you need to know by the end of class. We want you to be trained entirely when handling a firearm.

We use Modern Gun Training Techniques and monitoring technology to assess the students shooting skills, increase their accuracy, and grow their confidence. Students who complete this course will shoot an average of 50% more accurately and be better prepared to take higher-level firearms courses like Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Course, and the Idaho Defensive Pistol 101 Class.

Why the Idaho Pistol Class 102 is Important

Attending more advanced pistol classes introduces you to additional shooting concepts. Concepts are the cornerstone building blocks to learning a new skill, unfortunately, cornerstone building blocks are not designed to give you complete mastery of a new skill in just one day. It requires attending additional classes, such as this one, to learn additional skills.

Level 1 Firearms Idaho Pistol Class 102 revisits essential basic skills and focuses on building those skills Additional information a. As with anything new, it’s better to have a mentor or an experienced instructor to help you along with your progression. You don’t know what you don’t know, so a trained and certified firearm instructor is needed to improve your skills. The Idaho Pistol Class 102 focuses on building upon the skills you learned during the Idaho Pistol Class 102; you’ll have time to dedicate to improving your shooting skills as Idaho gun laws are introduced,

Improving Your Basic Pistol Fundamentals

Pistol Essentials 102: Trigger Control

Image: Finger Placement for Semi-automatic pistols.

Trigger Control is considered to be one of the most fundamental concepts to understand when shooting a firearm. Trigger control references where you place your finger on the trigger prior to shooting. If the trigger is resting too far onto the finger, shots will tend to miss to the right of the target. Not resting far enough tends to cause misses to the left of the target. Proper trigger control also refers to where to rest the finger on the trigger as well. For example, with a single-action revolver or a semi-automatic pistol (ready to fire) finger position tends to be in the middle of the first pad of the index finger. For double-action revolvers or semi-automatic pistols (not ready to fire), the trigger should rest on the first joint of the index finger.

Improving your Shooting Stance

Shooting stances are discussed, explained, and demonstrated during our Idaho Pistol Essentials Class 101. An overview of stances during class is good, but there’s not enough time to explain the many different stances in great detail. Our Idaho Pistol Class 102 dives deeper into stances to find the one that is right for you. Many elements go into a shooting stance that will be examined more deeply in this class. When students are proficient, we invite them to train for the Idaho 3-gun competition training.

Idaho Pistol Essentials 102: Support

Image: Benchrest

The Benchrest position is the strongest shooting position to shoot during training. The Benchrest provides complete support to the shooter’s wrists, hands, and firearm.

The Benchrest position is oftentimes overlooked by beginner instructors, who view it as silly and impracticable. Ignoring the Benchrest, proving the importance of stability as you shoot, and more importantly being able to align sights without movement are invaluable lessons to learn. Once the Benchrest is mastered, aiming is accomplished, and the remainder fundamentals are utilized, the shooter is ready to progress to more complicated and less supported shooting stances.

Zeroing Your Sights: Aligning Sights Correctly

Basic Pistol Sights Demonstrated at the Idaho Level 1 Firearms Training Pistol Essentials Class

Have you ever wondered if your gun sights are aligned correctly? Have you wondered if that’s why you’re missing the bullseye? No need to worry any longer. Most sights are easily adjusted for accuracy. Have you ever been told sights on a Glock cannot be adjusted? Think again. There’s an APP for that (actually a tool). During the Idaho Pistol Essentials 102 Class, we adjust sights for complete, 100% accuracy.

We will teach you about windage and elevation during class. Windage and elevation are overly technical, complicated concepts that can be easily explained. Windage is the direction the pistol is shooting left to right, and elevation is the direction in which the pistol is shooting too high or too low. But don’t worry about any of that. We have the tools and technology, and we know to assist you with your sights and their alignments.

Idaho Pistol Class 102 Prerequisites:

Adherence to the primary safety rules must always be followed.

  1. Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction.
  2. Keep the Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use.
  3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready to Shoot.
  4. Know Your Target and Beyond.
  5. No Drugs, Alcohol, nor Cannabis are Allowed At The Range.

See Additional Safety Rules

Idaho Pistol Class 102 Equipment:

  • personal revolver or pistol of any caliber, cased, secured, and free of ammunition.
  • Holster, holster purses, or other devices to hold a firearm safely and securely on your person when not in use.
  • Training Cartridges: At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • ARKSight Dry Fire Training Cartridge (available on Amazon – order your correct caliber).
  • Pistol Case (locking preferred) for transporting your pistol.

Range Requirements:

  • Range: Check the weather report on the day of class.
  • Range Fees, if any, are the student’s responsibility and are not included with the course registration.
  • Training Cartridges: At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • Suitable Eye Protection. This can be wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses, or non-shattering prescription glasses.
  • Suitable Ear Protection. We recommend electronic noise-canceling earmuffs, but earplugs are acceptable.
  • Beverages for Hydration.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
    • No V-Neck Shirts or Open-toed shoes.
  • Bug Spray for the critters.
  • Head covering if necessary.
  • Sunscreen or jackets when needed.
  • Bring snacks for breaks. Snacks – Are allowed at the range – snacks are not allowed on the firing line.


  • 100 Rounds of Quality, store-bought ammunition (no tracers, steel, or reloads allowed – ammunition to remain in your vehicle at all times)
  • Small Personal Canopy during the summer season when temperatures are expected to be high.
  • Folding chair and a small folding table to create your workstation (bench).


  • 100 rounds of factory fresh handgun ammunition.
  • No green/brown tips or armor-piercing rounds are allowed.
  • Note: Use of reloaded or steel-core ammunition will cause immediate failure and expulsion from class.

Estimated Length: 8 Hours

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Idaho Instructor Pistol Training by Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

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