Note: Some classes listed on this page are private, in-house security team training. Level 1 Firearms Training does not provide security guard training.

About Idaho Specialty Classes

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Our specialty Classes provide classes specifically for Idaho real estate agents, church security groups, Home and Business Protection Strategies, neighborhood watch programs, school security teams, and more

Our Specialty Classes are designed and engineered to meet the markets they serve. Our classes have been time-tested, developed, and improved to ensure we deliver the most effective solution for our security classes. 

Our Idaho specialty classes provide private, in-house training in certain market niches.

Church Security Teams

Church Security Teams

Sadly, church security teams are becoming more common due to church shootings becoming more prevalent each year. In response to these attacks, Church leaders must take a stand to protect their parishioners, and that’s why the Level 1 Firearms Training team is often called.

Church security teams must be highly trained individuals who are vigilant of their surroundings, the activities going on in church, and especially potential threats during church activities.

We understand your special needs and the needs of your congregation. After all, a church is a sanctuary in which everyone should feel safe and secure. Many churches are expected to be open 24/7 for parishioners in their time of need for comfort. A church is where parishioners feel closer to God even though they know God is everywhere.

A church security team has become an integral need for many Idaho churches. While they are well-trained and provide a sense of safety and protection, it is equally unsettling that we need to have a security team. Churches need to find the correct training for their security team. The team must be able to recognize potential threats, know how to approach them, and have a well-documented church security plan. (See More)

Specialty Home and Business Protection Classes

Business and Home Protection Strategies

Level 1 Firearms Protection Strategies for Homes and Businesses teaches students who are interested in safely & responsibly protecting their family at home and their patrons who shop at their businesses.  Class instruction includes teaching intermediate home and business defense concepts, awareness development, safe room principles, the 21 ft.. rule, cover and concealment opportunities, and invasion and burglary scenarios for home and business properties. Practical range skills and drills prepare owners for many shooting scenarios. (See More)

Specialty Classes for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Image: Idaho Open House Sign

Idaho Real Estate Agents and Brokers meet potential home buyers at the house for sale. In many cases, this is a first-time meeting with the potential buyer. Frequently you will be alone. It’s part of the job, right?

Not necessarily. Real Estate Agents don’t have to meet potential buyers alone. But when they do, they have a right to be safe while providing their services. Real Estate Agents have the right to protect themselves by any means necessary.

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC provides specialized training courses for Real Estate Agents and Brokers. Our training covers many common-sense topics while addressing new topics not considered when meeting a potential buyer for the first time at a house. Unless you have sought out formal self-defense training, you will be taken by surprise with no real way to protect yourself. It only takes once. It could be the next client or one you meet a year from now, but it will happen. Knowing what to do in response to an attack and being properly trained is your best line of defense. (See More)

School Security Teams – Public and Private

School Security Teams

School shootings seem to be occurring every day, every place, across the U.S. Schools are no longer safe havens for our children, and that’s a sad but true statement. It can happen at any time; all it takes is for someone to “snap” before it begins.

It shouldn’t be this way. Our public schools should have properly trained officers or school resource officers assigned to the school while in session. Parents should be able to drop their children off in the morning and not live in fear that today is the day someone “snaps”.

If the schools won’t provide security for our children, perhaps it’s time for parents to provide security to the school. Did you know, in most states, the school district can allow school security teams, armed or otherwise, with a simple stroke of a pen. Private schools have even larger challenges but greater flexibility. The primary setback for private schools is a lack of funding. In most states, private schools can have a security team, armed or not, depending on the school’s Board of Directors.

A school security team does not have to be sworn officers of the state, nor do they have to be security guards. A private security team (private – not for hire) can consist of parents and volunteers who simply want to keep their and others’ children safe. A private group of responsible and caring parents can provide all the security the school needs if they are properly trained. (See More)

Neighborhood Watch Programs

Image: Neighborhood Watch Sign

Does this sign look familiar? The facts are crime is on the rise, and the Idaho police are either underfunded or are being defunded. It’s up to us to watch over our neighbors and communities to keep everyone safe.

A properly trained and organized neighborhood watch program and team members can safely watch over their neighborhoods without having to put themselves in harm’s way.

The key to a properly trained and self-managed Idaho neighborhood watch team is simply to do what the signs say and report suspicious persons and activities to law enforcement, it’s that simple. There’s no need to be a hero, follow a suspicious person, or pull out a concealed weapon. That’s just not a good idea. The professionals at Level 1 Firearms Training LLC, located in Idaho, can assist you in forming, developing, and training volunteers to remain safe while on patrol. (See More)