About the Idaho Defensive Pistol Class

Idaho Defensive Pistol Class

This is the class you’ve been training for – the Idaho Defensive Pistol Class. This class builds on the previous pistol essential course skills.

You have been introduced to many topics in smaller steps throughout essential pistol training classes. The purpose is to get you started understanding the essentials of self-defense when using a gun. It’s now time to build on those concepts and develop skills that could lead you to save your life or the life of a family member.

This two-day training class expands on the defense foundations you have been learning. The course covers various topics and range drills that sharpen your defensive skills.

“Loaner Guns” are not available for this course.
You must bring your daily concealed carry pistol

About the Defensive Pistol Class

Many instructors avoid defensive shooting courses, and for good reason. They don’t know what to teach, or how to teach it, and are not comfortable with complex maneuvers such as shooting on the move, shooting properly from cover, and other defense tactics and drills during a defensive pistol class.

Knowing how to protect oneself during a pistol fight is paramount to winning the fight, so you would think a defensive pistol class would be in every instructor’s toolkit. After all, why have a gun if you don’t know how to use it properly and when? Pressing the trigger and sending the bullet down range is simply knowledge of how a gun operates, not how it should be used as a defensive tool.

And then you have the other guys, you know who they are, the ones that think you’re in the Army now. They are dressed in their Kakis and wear duty belts, and thigh-high holsters; of course, they have their army boots. If you want to attend a practical, down-to-earth defensive pistol class, we suggest you avoid the G.I. Joe mentality.

Is this the way you carry?

They may have to run laps or do pushups, or they will yell and push you while you have a loaded gun with one in the chamber, one in the chamber! All to simulate the physical reactions and distractions you will be experiencing during a gunfight. If you don’t mind that kind of aggressive G.I. Joe training and mindset, we wish you the best. Everyone is different and learns differently.

In our Idaho Defensive Pistol Class, we are in the middle. Our defensive pistol class has been developed with current and past military and law enforcement officers. The goal isn’t to share war stories or SWAT experiences, we’ll leave that to the other guys. We aim to train the average law-abiding citizen properly on the defensive tactics they need during a gunfight. It is a complete and comprehensive course on how to defend yourself under various conditions.

Our course is easy to understand and is conducted in a safe and learner-centered environment. We may ask you to do a few pushups or jumping jacks to get your heart going, but we will never make this an over-taxing request. We certainly won’t have you doing this with a loaded gun in your hands. We ask that you attempt the drills prescribed within the timeframe you are given to receive your graduation certificate.

A Few Insights into the Idaho Defensive Pistol Training Course

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The primary purpose of our Idaho defensive pistol course is to train you to defend yourself better using techniques you are not ready to use.

For example, what would you do if you were knocked down onto the ground? That would depend on where you are in the fight – right? Simple questions arise. Did you have your firearm drawn? Do you have to draw your firearm while you’re don on the ground? What happens if you experience a stoppage or a malfunction? What if you need to reload and were shot?

These and many more scenario-based questions are examined in class and trained in real-time at the range. In the ideal world, you would act on your next move rather than reacting to being put in such a vulnerable position.

This is A Two day Class!

Why is this a 2-day class? Our Idaho Defensive Pistol Class is the best training you will receive in Idaho, there are no shortcuts in learning how to properly own and use a pistol defensively.

We train using Modern Gun Training Techniques, ensuring you will know everything you need to know by the end of class. We want you to be completely trained when handling a firearm.

Indoor ranges in Idaho do not accommodate outside instructors, which makes no sense – we are bringing them, customers! We have chosen to utilize one of the several outdoor ranges in the Treasure Valley so that we bring customers to their range. Indoor ranges are loud, really loud. It is very difficult to hear the instructor while training, and they are extremely restrictive with what we can teach.

Outdoor ranges provide freedom of teaching without the loud distraction you experience when training in an indoor range. We can take our time training defensive tactics – there’s no rush – you’re not paying a lot of money per hour, students can hear us, there are little to no distractions, and there’s no need to rush you through the skill-building portion of the class. You learn in a safe, comfortable, and fairly quiet environment.

Outdoor ranges are extremely hot or cold in the late afternoons, distracting new students from concentrating. By shooting early the following day, students are fresh and ready to train for their new shooting skills.

This class requires that you are in good physical condition to walk and carry all of your equipment if necessary. You must also be able to get up and down from the ground safely without assistance.

This Class is for Semi-Automatic Pistols Only


Idaho Pistol Class 102 or Equivalent

In addition to the Idaho Pistol Class 102, you must also have one of the following:

Adherence to the primary safety rules must always be followed.

  1. Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction.
  2. Keep the Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use.
  3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready to Shoot.
  4. Know Your Target and Beyond.
  5. No Drugs, Alcohol, nor Cannabis are Allowed At The Range.

See Additional Safety Rules


Day 1: Classroom – Saturday

  • Notepads, pens, paper.
  • Your everyday concealed carry pistol of any caliber, cased, secured, and free of ammunition.
  • Your Backup Gun
  • Holster, holster purse, or other firearm devices to hold your daily and backup gun safely and securely on your person when not in use.
  • MINIMUM 3-Magazines. One for the firearm and 2 for backup.
  • Magazine pouch capable of holding 2 magazines.
  • Training Cartridges (Dummy Rounds): At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
    • Don’t forget, if you have two different caliber guns, you will need two different-sized training cartridges.
    • Can be found at local sporting goods stores or online. Purchase ahead of the defensive pistol class, so you have what you need – this is not a last-minute purchase item.
  • Bring your ARKSight Dry Fire Training Cartridges from Pistol Essentials 102 Course – you may need them depending on the drills. (available on Amazon – order your correct caliber).
  • Length: 6 Hours

Day 2: Range Day – Sunday

What to Bring:

  • Your everyday concealed carry pistol of any caliber, cased, secured, and free of ammunition.
  • Holster, holster purses, or other firearm devices to hold a firearm safely and securely on your person when not in use.
  • MINIMUM 3-Magazines. One for the firearm and 2 for backup.
  • Magazine Holder capable of holding 2-spare magazines.
  • Sturdy Gun Belt at least 1.5″ wide.
  • Suitable Eye Protection. This can be wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses, or non-shattering prescription glasses.
  • Suitable Ear Protection. We recommend electronic noise-canceling earmuffs, but earplugs are acceptable.
  • Training Cartridges: At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • Knee and Elbow Pads – for range day and private shooting drills afterward.
  • Ground Covering for Prone Shooting Positions.
  • Beverages for Hydration.
  • Bring a sack lunch & snacks for breaks. Lunch and snacks are allowed at the range – food is not allowed on the firing line. There are no food accommodations nearby.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
  • Sunscreen or jackets when needed.
  • Bug Spray for the critters.
  • Suitable and Comfortable Footwear, no open-toed shoes are allowed.
  • No V-Neck or similar Shirts are allowed.
  • 300 Rounds of Quality, store-bought ammunition is the average amount fired.  (no tracers, steel, or reloads allowed – ammunition to remain in your vehicle at all times).

Additional Information

  • Lead core ammunition is used on steel only.
  • No green/brown tip or armor-piercing ammunition is allowed.
  • Note: Use of reloaded or steel-core ammunition will cause immediate failure, and expulsion from class.
  • Knee Pads – for range day and private shooting drills afterward.
  • Small Personal Canopy during the summer season when temperatures are expected to be high.
  • Folding chair and a small folding table to create your own workstation (bench).
  • Estimated Length: 6-8 Hours.

Step Up To The Next Level

IMAGE: Level 1 Firearms Training Instructor Graduate Photo

Now that you have attended and passed the Idaho Defensive Pistol Classes, it’s time to share your firearm knowledge with those you meet.

Consider joining our Idaho Pistol Instructor Training Classes and learn how to teach others to be safe and responsible gun owners. As you have seen, there’s more to training than showing someone how to load and fire a gun. During instructor training, you’ll notice our training techniques that you can apply to others in the future.

In addition to becoming an Idaho Pistol Instructor, you can get out of the rat race and start your own business.