Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is classified by the U.S. Bureau of Labor as an Educational Services business. Classified under NAICS 61 (The North American Industry Classification System)

“The Educational Services sector comprises establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects. This instruction and training is provided by specialized establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities, and training centers.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC provides educational and training services to the public as a service that is non-tangible in nature which includes but is not limited to business consulting services, educational experience, digital downloads, and other consultation services to clients. Upon registering for a course you are acknowledging Level 1 Firearms Training LLC as an educational service provider, information is proprietary, non-tangible, and cannot be returned for a refund.


Due to the proprietary nature of Level 1 Firearms Training LLC, digital materials shared and downloaded, digital course materials, and visual aids are non-refundable.


Courses are provided as an educational service which includes business consultation services, instructor experience, and digital downloads, all of which are non-tangible work products that cannot be returned. There are No Refunds.

Course Failures and Safety Violations

Students may fail a course for a variety of reasons. This includes violations of basic firearm safety rules, non-participation in training and qualification drills, and/or failure to pass course requirements. Instructors have further discretion to fail a student based on their understanding of firearms, lack of handgun skills, or attitude during class and range training. All sales are final.


We understand life happens when the student may not be able to attend their scheduled course, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC will accommodate up to two reschedules per company policy.


Like students, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC reserves the right to reschedule if needed.  On very rare occasions an instructor may become ill, an emergency may arise, travel providers such as airlines, rental cars, hotels, and conference rooms may not be able to provide services, or if the class does not meet the minimum registration requirements, it will be rescheduled. We appreciate students are understanding and will work with us to reschedule course dates.


Level 1 works with several Vendors to bring training events to communities across the country.  Sometimes an issue will occur that may affect course expectations.  We ask that all students please be patient and work with their instructor to minimize training interruption.  

For example, Travel Providers for our instructors such as airlines, rental cars, hotels, as well as course Service Providers such as conference rooms, shooting ranges, and legal lecturers may not be able to provide services although they were confirmed by Level 1 Firearms Training LLC.  

This is very uncommon but may occur due to circumstances out of the company’s control. Examples include flight cancelation, conference facility overbooking, range scheduling issues, attorney lecturer called to court, pandemic facility closures, etc.  Level 1 Firearms Training LLC works closely with these providers to find alternative services for the course.