About Idaho Pistol Classes

Level 1 Firearms Training Instructor Class receive important training tips.

Receive the best firearms training in Idaho offered by Level 1 Firearms Training LLC. At Level 1 Firearms Training LLC, we take firearms and personal defense training seriously. Our Idaho Pistol Classes are well-paced, informative, and more comprehensive than any others on the market.

Using Modern Gun Training Techniques together with real-time monitoring devices. Students at Level 1 Firearms Training learn faster, retain more information, and are confident in their firearms skills. Firearms training is a journey, not a one-time event.

Our firearms training programs are carefully crafted to meet each student’s individual needs at the level of training they are most comfortable with. We have programs from basic to the defensive pistol, concealed carry training, home, and business defense, Idaho Real Estate Agents, church security groups, and more.

Whether you are a beginner student who has never held a firearm, is ready to advance to the next level, or needs special group training, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has a course for you.

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Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Class (IECCW) and Idaho Standard Concealed Carry Class (CCW) Class Offerings

Image: Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is one of the first to offer the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Class. We are one of the original Idaho instructors for Boise, Kuna, Meridian, and Nampa residents to teach the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class.

Don’t be fooled by out-of-state companies who do not live where you live, do not shop where you shop, and don’t understand and support our local businesses and communities. Level 1 Firearms Training LLC is Idaho’s only choice for premium concealed carry classes. Our instructors live in Idaho, our communities, and support our local businesses daily.

Why attend the Idaho Enhanced v Standard Concealed Carry Weapons Class?

The Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Permit offers the best training, legal considerations for Idaho, range qualifications, and the most reciprocity with other states. See the states that accept our Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Permit.

Idaho Pistol Classes 101: Introduction to Pistol Safety, Operations, Shooting, and Maintenance

IMAGE: Level 1 Firearms Training in Idaho - Photo of Gun, Target, and Ammunition.

Idaho Pistol Classes introduces the most basic concepts of pistol ownership to the Idaho beginner student. This class introduces the new pistol student to understand the bare essentials of pistol ownership. Students learn faster by incorporating Modern Gun Training Techniques while retaining critical key points from each lesson.

Safety is the primary focus of the Idaho Pistol Classes, along with being a responsible gun owner who secures their firearm when not in use.

Training in Idaho starts with understanding the three common firearms available, their actions (how they behave), and how to load, shoot and maintain their firearms for a lifetime of enjoyment.

This Idaho pistol class is specifically designed for the gun owner who wants to have fun target practicing on the weekend at the range.

Once the student has mastered owning a firearm for recreational use, topics are available to build upon the basic skills students have learned. Additional opportunities for skill advancement in Idaho and other places are discussed.

Idaho Pistol Classes 102: Shooting with Confidence

Indoor Simulations allow instructors and students improve their shooting skills under a variety of conditions not available anywhere else.

Idaho Pistol Class 102: Shooting with Confidence improves upon the essential building blocks learned from the Idaho Beginner Pistol Class – Pistol Essentials 101 course.

Shooting with Confidence uses advanced Modern Gun Training Techniques and monitoring technology to assess the students shooting skills, increase their accuracy, and grow their confidence.

In this course, students will focus on “getting on target” using iron sites, red dots, and/or scopes.

Essential topics include advancing pistol shooting to the next level of progression is taught and learned. This course focuses heavily on dry and live range training which includes: sight alignment, sight picture, grip, stance, trigger control, and follow-through to bullseye accuracy; attaining the confidence Idaho students need to become successful shooters.

Idaho Defensive Classes 101: Defensive Pistol Class

Idaho Pistol Classes

With the increase in crime, violent attacks, and drive-by shootings, there’s no wonder home, and business owners want to prepare for the worst. This is seen as many laws have been introduced to protect the criminal and ignore the innocent victims of an attack.

More states are moving to constitutional carry, allowing their citizens to carry concealed firearms for personal protection. Unfortunately, the average citizen does not have formal training on how to use their gun defensively nor the consequences that can occur should they misuse it.

Step into our Idaho Defensive Pistol 101, where you learn valuable lessons on securing and protecting your home, family, and business. Idaho Defensive Pistol 101 is not about using your pistol but rather how to avoid it until all other avenues have been exhausted. Only then can deadly force be used. The expression “The Firearm is always the Tool of Last Resort” certainly applies in most scenarios.