Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Long-Range Rifle Classes

Idaho Rifle Classes

Whether a beginner rifle student or an advanced, our Idaho Rifle Classes at Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has a class for you.

Our classes are modularly built from the ground up, providing the freedom to progress at your own pace.

Expert rifle instructors can assist you in whatever goal you are trying to reach. Our instructors are just as happy to help beginner students understand their rifles and train students for long-distance shooting.

Introduction to Safety, Operations, Shooting, and Maintenance

NRA Rifle Instructor Training Course

Our essentials class introduces the basic concepts of owning a rifle to the beginner student. This class introduces the new rifle student to understand the bare essentials of rifle ownership.

Safety is the primary focus of this course, along with being a responsible gun owner who secures their firearm when not in use.

Training in Idaho starts with understanding the three most common rifles available, their actions (how they behave), and how to load, shoot and maintain their rifle for a lifetime of enjoyment. There is a brief discussion related to Idaho laws.

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Essentials 102 – Getting on Target

IMAGE: Idaho Student Spotting During a Rifle Class

Our Idaho Rifle Class – Essentials 102 Course builds on lessons learned from the Idaho Rifle Class Essentials 101.

Getting on Target uses advanced Modern Gun Training Techniques and monitoring technology to assess the students shooting skills, increase their accuracy, and grow their confidence.

In this course, students will focus on “getting on target” using iron sites, red dots, and/or scopes.

This rifle course focuses heavily on dry and live range training which includes: sight alignment, sight picture, grip, stance, trigger control, and follow-through to bullseye accuracy, attaining the confidence Idaho students need to become successful shooters.

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Long-Range Rifle Class 101

Image: Rifle Bench Rest Position

The Idaho Long-Range Rifle Class builds on our previous Rifle Essential Courses.

This course covers intermediate topics you learned in previous courses but focuses more detail on each component. Items such as adjusting your rifle scope more accurately, choosing specific ammunition for the intended use of the rifle, using a bipod for improved shooting accuracy, making your sling work for you, and short-range calibrations up to 100 yards (300 feet).

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