Overview of the Women’s Skill Development Class

IMAGE: Level 1 Firearms Training Advanced Training using Modern Gun Training Techniques.

Women’s Pistol Classes 102 are part of Level 1 Firearms Training Women Only Workshops™ (WOW Training).   This skill development course is for ladies who have taken beginner-level pistol classes and are ready to learn to shoot more accurately. The workshops are taught by a nationally certified female instructor. Modern gun training techniques and fun skill-building drills go into this unique course. (Sorry…no guys allowed!)

Pistol Skill Development Class Curriculum

Idaho Women's Only Pistol Class
  • Focus on refining the essentials learned during your Idaho Women’s Only Workshops – Beginner Pistol 101 Classes.
  • Improve your shot placement by leveraging Modern Gun Training Techniques for increased efficiency and accuracy.
  • Uses laser training technology and skill development drills to help increase shooting accuracy so you can become a safer and more confident shooter.
  • Modern dry-fire and live-fire training techniques are used extensively throughout the class.
  • Learn more about Idaho Gun Laws.

Concentrate on the Fundamentals

In the Women’s Only Workshop Beginner Pistol Classes, you became familiar with essential gun safety rules, and how different pistols operate. You learned about ammunition and storing your firearms safely when not used.

In our Women’s Only Workshop Pistol 102 Course, we begin breaking down the key elements needed to shoot like a pro.

Pistol Essentials 102: Hold Control

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Course

Hold Control is an extension of, and part of, aiming, sight alignment, and sight picture.

As you prepare for shooting, your sights are aligned, your breathing has paused momentarily, and your front sight is perfectly aligned with your rear sight. Nothing is moving. This is called hold control – the point when taking the shot should end up with a perfect hit.

There remain other factors to take into consideration such as a proper grip, a well-balanced stance, and a stable shooting platform that can still affect your shot placement. Level 1 Firearms Training LLC certified pistol instructors will work with these and other considerations to make sure you are ready for that perfect first shot.


Adherence to the primary safety rules must always be followed.

  1. Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction.
  2. Keep the Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use.
  3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready to Shoot.
  4. Know Your Target and Beyond.
  5. No Drugs, Alcohol, nor Cannabis are Allowed At The Range.

See Additional Safety Rules


  • personal revolver or pistol of any caliber, cased, secured, and free of ammunition.
  • Strong-side hip or appendix Holster.
  • Two Magazines.
  • Training Cartridges (Dummy rounds or snap caps): At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • Magazine Speed Loader: Highly recommended.
  • Training meets technology. This course includes using an advanced Laser Training System and assessment software to build confidence and accuracy.
  • Bring snacks for breaks. Snacks and beverages are allowed in the classroom.

Length: Approxiamently 5 Hours


Safety First

Safety is always the primary concern when handling and storing a firearm. These two topics are vital for responsible Idaho gun owners to follow, depending on the circumstances.

When handling a firearm in Idaho, the following safe gun-handling rules must always be observed:

  1. Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction at all times. Some training academies will state the number one rule is always to treat the gun as if it is loaded. This is an obvious and unnecessary statement. By pointing the gun in a safe direction when you are handling it, you are treating it as if it is loaded.
  2. Keep Firearms Unloaded Until Ready for Use: Your firearm does not need to be loaded if it is not in use. It is best practice to keep your ammunition stored in a separate safe away from your firearm, so the two are never accessible simultaneously. While there are times when the firearm should be loaded, such as carrying for personal protection, the general rule of having it unloaded applies to most circumstances.
  3. Keep Your Finger Off the trigger: Modern firearms, even older ones, will not discharge a bullet unless the firearm is prepared for firing and the trigger is pressed. By keeping your finger up high on the frame while handling a firearm, there is no chance the firearm will discharge by itself. Even if it were to discharge, no one and nothing would get damaged because of rule number one.
  4. Know Your Target and Beyond: It is very important to know what’s behind your target, whether at an indoor or outdoor range. Bullets can travel over a mile, others even more. It is your responsibility where that bullet impacts no matter the situation. Be sure your bullet will not hit an innocent person or someone’s property.
  5. No Drugs, alcohol, nor cannabis are allowed at the range. If the training instructor suspects use, you will be asked to leave the class and accept a failure without rescheduling options.

See Our Training Calendar for times and locations near you.

Step Up to the Women’s Only Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry 103 Course

Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Reciprocity Map

Continue your training by attending the Women’s Only Workshops – Concealed Carry 103 Course.

This class develops concealed carry concepts, situational awareness, defensive skill development, ladies’ concealed carry holsters, purses, non-lethal options, and more.

This is a great class for women who plan to keep firearms to protect their friends, family, and self. Completing this class allows you to apply for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Permit, which allows you to carry in more states than any other CCW permit.