About the Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class 102

Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class

Our Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class 102 is often called “Shooting with Confidence AR-15 Essentials Class“.

This class builds on the skills you learned during the Idaho AR-15 Beginner Classes 101, which taught the core information needed for the beginner AR-15 owner. This class also dives deeper into the Idaho Rifle Laws as part of its continual training.

Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class 102 is a skill development course that leverages Modern Gun Training Techniques and modern monitoring tools that deliver the best in training.

Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class 102 – Hitting the Target

The Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class, “Hitting the Target,” leverages Modern Gun Training Techniques with old fashion training delivering the best of both worlds. There is a heavy concentration on improving the core fundamentals of AR-15 rifle shooting taught in the Idaho AR-15 Beginner Class 101. This course provides students with developing their shooting skills and improving their accuracy.

On average, students who complete this course see a 50% or higher improvement in their shooting accuracy at greater distances, building the confidence they are looking for when at the range.

Why the Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class is Important

Attending the Idaho AR-15 Classes 101 provides you with the core fundamentals essential for understanding your rifle. These core fundamentals allow you to build on them to better rifle shooting. Think of your core building blocks as being the cornerstones to build upon.

The Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class revisits the basic skills and focuses on improving them using Modern Gun Training Techniques. Having a firearms instructor mentor and help you along with your progression is an invaluable learning experience. The Idaho AR-15 Essentials Class allows time to improve the essential skills needed to shoot accurately every time.

Improving your AR-15 Rifle Fundamentals

Rifle Essentials – Aiming

IMAGE: Aiming

Aiming and Sight Alignment are essentially one in the same but different at the same time. Aiming is the process of aligning the rifle’s front sight with the rifle’s rear sight, in perfect alignment between the two.

The target is centered so when the shot is taken, the bullet lands where it was planned. Aiming uses the physical sights on the rifle for a correct alignment between the front and rear sights.

The old expression “Equal Height, Equal Light” refers to the front and rear sites being perfectly even across the top of each. The equal light reference refers to the front site having an equal amount of space on both sides of the rear site as viewed from the rear. Once you have accomplished the front and rear sights are equally aligned in proper relationship with the dominant (or strong eye) and are centered on the target, you have established proper sight alignment.


Adherence to the primary safety rules must always be followed.

  1. Keep the Firearm Pointed in a Safe Direction.
  2. Keep the Firearm Unloaded Until Ready to Use.
  3. Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Ready to Shoot.
  4. Know Your Target and Beyond.
  5. No Drugs, Alcohol, nor Cannabis are Allowed At The Range.

See Additional Safety Rules

Classroom: Saturday

  • An AR-15 Rifle of any caliber, cased, secured, and free of ammunition.
  • AR-15 Rifle Case. Preferably lockable for transportation purposes.
  • Rifle Sling
  • Training Cartridges: At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • ARKSight Dry Fire Training Cartridge (available on Amazon – order your correct caliber).

Estimated Time: 4 Hours

Range Requirements:

  • Range: Check the weather report on the day of class.
  • Range Fees, if any, are the student’s responsibility and are not included with the course registration.
  • Training Cartridges: At least 5 Training Cartridges in the correct caliber are needed for this class.
  • Suitable Eye Protection. This can be wraparound eyewear, polycarbonate lenses, or non-shattering prescription glasses.
  • Suitable Ear Protection. We recommend electronic noise-canceling earmuffs, but earplugs are acceptable.
  • Beverages for Hydration.
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the weather.No V-Neck Shirts or Open-toed shoes.
  • Bug Spray for the critters.
  • Head covering if necessary.
  • Sunscreen or jackets when needed.
  • Bring snacks for breaks. Snacks – Are allowed at the range – snacks are not allowed on the firing line.


  • 100 Rounds of Quality, store-bought ammunition (no tracers, steel, or reloads allowed – ammunition to remain in your vehicle at all times)
  • Knee Pads – for range day and private shooting drills afterward.
  • Small Personal Canopy during the summer season when temperatures are expected to be high.
  • Folding chair and a small folding table to create your workstation (bench).
  • Estimated Length: 4 Hours.

Benefits of Continued Training

IMAGE: AR-15 Front Sight

It’s time to move up to the next level of training: The Idaho Defensive AR-15 Classes 103.

In this class, we dive deeply into scope adjustments, ammunition variables, timed shooting drills, shooting accurately up to 300 feet, and more.

Mandatory equipment for this class is a precision rifle capable of MOA accuracy with a bi-pod and leather or nylon adjustable sling. Alternatively, Red Dot sights can also be used during this training event.

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