About Idaho Home and Business Defense

The Idaho Home and Business Defense Class teaches home and business owners how to protect their property and loved ones. Focused on modern technologies and solutions, this course guides you to discover the many ways you can protect your property.

The rise in crime has never been higher. All one needs to do is turn on their TV or radio to see and hear about the amount of violence we face today. Because of this, the rise in security systems, self-defense training, and firearms defense has never been in greater demand. Identifying a threat from thieves, viruses, and malware is important to your first line of defense. Attending the Idaho Home and Business Defense class is important to protect you and your family from these emerging threats.

Securing your Home and Business

It may seem like you don’t need a class on protecting your home and business. Perhaps you believe the installed alarm system, CCTV cameras, and secured entryways have got you secured from most threats. You may have a firearm in your home, a shotgun at your place of business, or a baseball in your car.

None of these self-defense precautions will protect you from crime when caught by surprise. It would be best if you were properly trained to recognize and avoid threats before using any of these self-defense tools. These tools could lead you and your family down a long and dark road if used incorrectly and at an inappropriate time. You may feel justified in taking another person’s life, however, you will always be investigated as a criminal until proven innocent. If you acted inappropriately, the law will have no mercy on you and will pursue serious legal charges against you.

Deterrence is Part of the Solution

Security and CCTV Cameras

The average household and business owner must have deterrents in place. At a minimum, a monitored alarm system and a CCTV system should be in place at both locations. Signs should be posted, cameras should be pointed at all entryways, and additional deterrents should be obvious to the would-be home intruder or the next criminal considering holding you up.

There are many products available in today’s marketplace that will meet these needs. Ring makes it appear you are home when you are away. Walk into any Sam’s Club and you will find various CCTV monitoring solutions. If your house or business is located in a high-crime area, additional steps must be taken. It is not uncommon to see steel security doors and steel window coverings that enhance your security.

Knowing the Basics of Self Defense

With all this technology, you would think you are protected from crime, but that is not the case.

At the end of the day, if you take action when threatened, you must be able to articulate why you took such action.

This is where self-defense training comes into place. Most states define the use of deadly force as “The loss of life or limb” as a standard measure. Unless it is obvious from the beginning, you will be held accountable until proven innocent.

Topics Covered

There is a wide variety of topics to be covered. The question becomes – where to achieve this training? For example, the NRA is interested in its membership numbers, therefore their goal is to provide you with information as a means to have you join their association. . USCCA offers an insurance plan to cover you in the event you commit a homicide. Legal heat is interested in promoting its firearms program – who can you trust? If everyone has an alternative motive, who is actually looking out for your personal security?

Topics Taught

Home and business defense begin with the owner. There are many deterrents to take in the beginning. Level 1 Firearms Training takes you beyond obvious threats and delves deeply into your personal protection plan.

Cyber Threats

Your family and business need protection from identity thieves, cyber attacks, and malicious virus attacks. It’s no secret you are being tracked and monitored each time you go on the web. If in doubt, search for something comment, such as “Best Coffee.” You will soon see many ads on your social media account promoting coffee.

We provide training to minimize these potential threats, which includes topics such as:

  • Identity Theft: Beyond physical attacks.
  • Protecting your identity: Passwords, automatic sign-on, logging in as a “Google” or “Facebook” account.
  • Allowing “cookies” and more.

Physical Encounters:

  • A deeper dive into the four levels of awareness.
  • Understanding the defensive mindset.
  • Intermediate aiming and firing techniques.
  • Cover and concealment at home or businesses.
  • How to secure homes and businesses.
  • The aftermath of a defensive shooting.
  • Explaining the psychological and psychological effects that can occur after a shooting.
  • Firearms and the Law: Understanding the legal process.

We help students identify the areas used for cover versus concealment in their homes and workplaces. In-depth analysis regarding the four levels of awareness and how to use and recognize each stage as they progress through the threat assessment. We describe the importance of a “Safe Room.” We ask the big question: “Loss of life or limb ” as defined by most states.

What to Expect after a Self-defense Shooting

Regardless of the circumstances, there will always be an investigation into a homicide; that’s a given. How you respond and act can make the difference between officers determining if it was, or was not a justified homicide.

We’ll cover techniques that are essential to protecting your rights. Always assert your sixth amendment right: “The right to an attorney being present during questioning”. Innocent people have been convicted of a crime they did not commit because they did not exercise their right to legal counsel before answering questions. We encourage students to insist on this before answering any questions from the police.

And no, do not “plead” the fifth amendment – the right to defend yourself against self-incrimination. If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to defend. This is why your sixth amendment right is so important to exercise during an investigation.

Why Come to Our Class

Don’t count on old, outdated information from the past. Our classes are current and up-to-date with trending threats to you and your community. New security threats are emailed to our students as they become known. These email alerts notify students so they can be prepared to defend against potential threats before they occur.

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