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About Level 1 Firearms Training in Idaho

Family Portrait of the Streb Family

About Level 1 Firearms Training in Idaho. We are a family-owned firearms training company. Our family has lived in the Treasure Valley since 2011 after discovering the beautiful city of Boise while on vacation from Colorado. We immediately fell in love with the safe, quality, lifestyle Idaho has to offer. We discovered Idaho offered affordable housing, good job prospects, and offered an affordable cost-of-living lifestyle.

Like many young families with children, we found the schools to be progressive in their teaching, crime was low, and the small, hometown feeling was very welcoming. We ended up deciding to call Meridian our home.

We particularly enjoy the amount of freedom afforded to us in the state of Idaho. Where adults are treated as adults and your neighbor treats you like family. We remember the day we moved into our house, the neighbor from across the street introduced themselves with a plate full of cookies. We knew we were “home” because of the warm welcome our neighbor, a complete stranger gave to us on day one.


We never thought we would become so involved with firearms training, that is until we took our first “official” firearms class from an NRA “Training Counselor”. Our original goal was to meet the qualifications to apply for the Idaho Concealed Carry Weapons license. Our experience, to say the least, was horrible, absolutely horrendous; our teenagers know more about firearms safety and operations than the instructor teaching our class.

A Poor Shooting Stance

Many of our fellow applicants could not meet the shooting requirements of the class (one owned a local gun shop, seriously). Try as they may, they couldn’t hit the side of a lake if they were in a boat. The instructor spent a minimum amount of time explaining and helping the students to improve their shooting skills. He kept telling us this was not a basic pistol class and continually pushed other classes on us while telling us we were not ready.

Look at the poor shooting stance to the right – this is what our instructor allowed.

It was clear to us more than half the class had never fired a firearm – yet all of us were attending a concealed carry class. When we returned to the classroom, the instructor said everyone knows how to clean their guns and to refer to the owners manual if we had any questions. If we couldn’t find our answers there, we were simply told to Google our questions.

Needless to say, we left the class quite upset with the organization the instructor represents and extremely disappointed with the level of “training” we received. My wife and I looked at each other, before we even got in the car, and said in harmony: “We could do better than that”! And with that, Level 1 Firearms Training was born.

Birth of a Business

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC was born in Meridian, Idaho, on July 22, 2013. The company’s name was Level 1 Firearms Safety and Training, INC. On September 26, 2014, the company changed its name to Level 1 Firearms Training LLC, dropping the word “Safety” to better reflect its goals. Safety is part of everything concealed carry instructors teach; it’s an obvious component of your syllabus. Training is the process of transferring knowledge that builds on existing skills, introduces new ones, and ensures training has taken place.

The Certification Process

NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Class

Our first goal was to become certified to teach the concealed carry class in Idaho. The training is very basic, too basic for anyone to be certified as a concealed carry instructor. The course title is “Basics of Pistol Shooting”, which sounds exactly like how to shoot a pistol. There are no concealed carry topics addressed in the course.

Our philosophy is simple: If you don’t want to excel at what you do, why do it? We trained hard with other instructors outside of Idado. Instructors from as far away as the east coast, to improve our teaching skills and deliver the high-quality classes we envisioned.

Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Class (CCW)

On July 1, 2014, Idaho adopted a more advanced CCW license known today as the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Permit. It adds additional states for reciprocity and increases the areas you can carry. A lecture on federal, state, and local laws from a state-certified attorney or a police training officer.

Large Pistol Instructor Training Class

As with any profession, if you want to be the best, you must train with the best.

Our classes grew in size – sometimes exceeding 50 students seeking training for the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons license. When you’re exposed to over 100 students a month and two intense lectures on firearms and the law each month, you learn a thing to two.

We learned a lot about Idaho gun laws from our guest speakers, which we appreciate. We believe the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Weapons Permit is the best in the nation.

Idaho Adopts “Permitless” Carry

On July 1, 2016, Idaho became a permitless carry state. This precluded non-residents from legally carrying in the state without a permit. This type of bad advice is what gets students and instructors in trouble. Students rely on their instructors to be subject matter experts. Unfortunately, there are no national training standards, and no national organizations, which hold instructors accountable for remaining current on the law.

Idaho Adopts Constitutional Carry

On July 1, 2020, Idaho became a Constitutional Carry state. Constitutional carry states recognize all individuals over 18 (21 in some) to carry a concealed carry weapon without a permit. Constitutional carry allows any U.S. citizen from any state to carry concealed without a permit.

Students often come in with bad, pre-conceived thoughts. These thoughts include the right to shoot anyone in their home, which is untrue. Proof of the loss of life, limb, or death existed. A simple example is an intoxicated person who enters a home not realizing it’s not their home. A homeowner claiming he has the right to shoot this person is 100% incorrect.

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC Continues to Teach

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC maintains a higher average number of class participants. We continue to train those who seek knowledge in personal defense and firearms and want to protect themselves legally.

Psychological Responses to an Attack - Overview




Don’t be. We help take away the mystery of owning a firearm. Helping students understand the many complexities and responsibilities of gun ownership. “Pistol Essentials 101“, “Rifle Essentials 101“, and “Shotgun Essentials 101” classes. We have a very simple philosophy: No question, no matter how small it may seem to others, goes unanswered. We encourage students to ask questions.

National Certified Pistol Instructor and Concealed Carry Instructor Training

IMAGE: American Flag

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has a National presence in the U.S. We have taught from East to West and North to South, combining the best in firearms training and experience from across our great nation. We bring a wealth of information to our training events for a well-rounded learning experience. Now that we “teach the teachers” nationally, we have collected a vast amount of information and combined the best of that information into our courses.

As an innovative firearms training company,
Level 1 Firearms Training is focused on creating
learning and educational opportunities for
instructors and students alike”

David M. Streb, Managing Partner
IMAGE: David M. Streb Managing Partner Level 1 Firearms Training.

Meet the Managing Partner

David M. Streb is co-founder of level 1 Firearms Training. He is one of the most experienced leaders in academic firearms training. He is known for his commitment to expanding student opportunities, firearm instructor training, innovative teaching methodologies, and encouraging the personal growth and success of Level 1 Firearms.

Co-Founding Partner & Education Director

Co-Founder Nicki Streb, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC

Nicki is the co-founder of Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC. She is the Program Director for Level 1’s popular WOW “Women Only Workshops™” course series; a program focused on introducing women to firearms in a safe environment. Nicki works closely with students to coordinate class schedules and organize training nationally. Nicki also consults on business development strategies to promote student firearms business success.

Class Photo of the Idaho Women's Only Workshop.

Firearms training opportunities for
many kinds of learners

Level 1 Firearms Training offers several certifications for students and instructors
alike who are in pursuit of knowledge, personal improvement, and continuing their firearms education.

Level 1 Firearms Training
Students and Graduates
are shaped and strengthened
by our many communities.


IMAGE: Level 1 Firearms Training inter view with the NEWS

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC staff and instructors are often interviewed for comments about Breaking NEWS in communities and states. Our breakthrough training methods, opinions on gun violence, and the second amendment right to carry are the most sought-after topics in current events.

We Support Our Military

Level 1 Firearms Training military salute

Special discounts are offered to all our military friends and their families. Discounts are extended to our local Mountain Home Air Force Base through quality training for our servicemen, their families, and their spouses.

Firearms training in the military is far different from civilian training. We help you bridge the gap between your military and civilian training to maximize your success as an Idaho firearms instructor.

We provide discounts to your spouses.

Come Join our Family

IMAGE:  Level 1 Forearms Instructors pose like Charlie's Angels

Over a decade, the family at Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has taught hundreds of individuals how to safely and responsibly use firearms. To our knowledge, we have certified more instructors than any other family-owned training business.

By leveraging teaching and training methods using Modern Gun Training Techniques, which surpasses the old way of teaching. We also created a national training program, known as the Level 1 Firearms Training Hell Week™ event, a comprehensive and in-depth instructor certification program accepted in all 50 states nationally.

Our family is here to assist you in any facet of firearms training. Beginners to advance, choose the correct firearm, and answer questions. Specialized classes for women, our Church of Latter-Day Saints community, Real Estate Agents, and church and school security teams.

If you can’t find a class, call us! We’ll be happy to create a custom training session for your group.