Chief Range Safety Officer Course

Level 1 Firearms Idaho Chief Range Safety Officer Course teaches the many firearms available, their actions, and ammunition requirements. The course applies practical range shooting activities. An emphasis is placed on conducting safe shooting activities for pistol, rifle, shotgun, and various tournaments. Idaho Chief Range Safety Officers are often tasked with creating Standard Operating Procedures, facility operations, security procedures, emergency response plans, indoor and outdoor inspections, and more.

Duties of the Idaho Range Safety Officer

By attending this course, you will learn to inspect and oversee range operations. This includes indoor, and outdoor, pistols, rifles, shotgun sporting clays, and shotgun fields. Range Safety Officer dutys include:

  • Train and supervise Range Safety Officers (RSO).
  • Review the role of the Chief Range Safety Officer’s responsibilities.
  • Create or modify Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
  • Conduct range inspections and enforce range rules.
  • Conduct Range Safety Briefings.
  • Conduct Range Emergency Procedures.
  • Assist those who are expierencing firearm stoppages and malfuntions.

It is important to note a Range Safety Officer does not train individuals how to shoot. Firearms instructors fulfill the role of training. Range Safety Officers must be vigilent, alert, and responsive to range activities.

Understanding Firearms Operations

Range Safety Officers must have a thoughral understand of how different firearms work. The reason for understanding the various action types available is to be able to clear stoppages and malfunctions. This includes knowing how to load, unload, cock, decock, how to load ammunition, how to unload ammunition, and more.

Types of Actions you will learn:

  • Single-Action Revolver.
  • Double-Action Revolver.
  • Semi-Automatic pistols.
  • Break-Action Rifles.
  • Bolt-Action Rifles.
  • Lever-Action Rifles.
  • Semi-Automatic Rifles.
  • Rotating Block Rifles.
  • Break-Action Shotguns
  • Pump-Action Shotguns
  • and more.

Idaho Chief Range Officers should take basic first-aid and CPR classes. Knowing what and how to address a medical emergency is extrenely important. First-aid and CPR certifications are usually not required but should be encouraged in the event of an emergency.

This course is being offered by Level 1 FirearmsTraining LLC.