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Join our Idaho Real Estate Agent and Brokers Instructor Classes as part of a growing industry that needs self-defense training.

This class is part of our protection series of classes that help real estate agents and brokers arm themselves with the necessary information needed to protect themselved when showing a house.

Although the class is geared towards real estate agents and brokers, our Idaho Real Estate and Brokers Instructor Classes cross over into many other professions. These classes benefit home repair businesses, home maintenance businesses, and even the contractor making repairs.

Extensive Coverage of Many Topics

Many firearms instructors make the mistake of believing being a pistol or concealed carry instructor is sufficient training for teaching real estate agents how to remain safe. Not only is this a bad assumption, but it can also be dangerous. Real estate agents need extensive training on how to use their firearms and ensure they never need to use them in the first place. This is accomplished by providing extensive training on how to avoid a bad situation from occurring in the first place.

Real Estate Checklist

During your training, you will cover over 50 topics related to the real estate profession. These topics can include simple real estate checklists to comprehensive subject matters. By focusing yourself on the real estate profession, you will become the subject matter expert everyone goes to for advise.

Specialize Today

Specializing in training real estate agents and brokers has many rewards. The mot important one is knowing you are keeping people safe while they do their jobs. As a result, you also receive new clients from home owners when they are seeking how to protect their investment. As a result, you are educating the general public on how to be safe and responible gun owners – its a win-win for everyone.

Classes taught by Level 1 Firearms Training