About Idaho Firearms Classes

Level 1 Firearms Training offers Idaho Firearms Classes. Which is the best and most delicate you can find anywhere in Idaho. There are two branches – Classes for Students and Classes for Instructors.

Our Experienced Idaho Instructors Offer Training for Beginners to Advanced

Learn in a safe and comfortable environment that encourages personal growth and success. We teach beginning Idaho students at a level they understand and comprehend while pushing more advanced shooters beyond their comfort zone for success.

Idaho Instructor Training That Exceeds State and Local Requirements

Our National and Idaho Firearms Instructors bring modern training techniques to our instructor candidates from across the USA and beyond. Instructor Candidates learn more quickly, are more accurate, shoot safer, and train with the confidence they deserve.

Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Course (CCW)

Idaho Instructor Graduation Photo - Idaho Firearms Classes

This is the official home to the original Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class – or the Idaho Enhanced CCW for short. We have taught the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class before it was mandated into Idaho law. While others taught the Idaho Standard CCW class, we are the original pioneers in advanced concealed carry concepts and instruction in the state of Idaho.

We were the first to offer legal lectures about Idaho Firearms and the Law, and are long-time proponents of keeping your firearms locked in a safe when not in use.

Idaho Women’s Only Workshops

Idaho Women's Only Concealed Carry Class - Idaho Firearms Classes

This is the original Idaho Women’s Only Workshop offered and taught by a nationally recognized Level 1 Firearms female instructor – not men.

Sorry men, we women stick together – we don’t need some dude telling us what it’s all about!

Anyone else advertising “Idaho Women Only”, “Idaho Women Only Classes”, “Idaho Women’s Handgun Training”, or “Idaho Women Only Classes” are simply trying to imitate our original classes. We are the original leader in developing this course for Idaho women. We created it, developed it, and taught it across the U.S.A.

Flattery is the best form of compliment. Taught by a Nationally Recognized Female Instructor, Classes are tailored to the needs of women. No men, no husband-wife teams, no excuses or “unique” approaches to teaching this course. We offer only the BEST in women-only instructing taught by our nationally recognized female instructor.

Ladies, put some WOW in your training! Forget the rest; join the best. We created the class, designed it, and copied by others. 

Get the BEST of Level 1’s Women Only Workshops and learn from a nationally recognized female firearms instructor. Great for beginners and ladies that want to develop their pistol and self-defense skills. 

Idaho Firearms Instructor Hell Week™ Training Event

Conceal Carry Instructor (CCW) and License to Carry Instructor Courses (LTC) Courses

Level 1 Firearms Instructor Graduates - Idaho Firearms Classes

The Hell Week™ Instructor Package is an intense training opportunity for aspiring Idaho Pistol and Idaho Concealed Carry Instructors to maximize their certifications in less time. 

The picture on the right is of our recent Idaho Concealed Carry Instructor Graduates. Look closely, and you will likely see an Idaho Concealed Carry Instructor we have trained in the past.

Expert lectures & visual presentations, proven training techniques, practical pistol  & personal defense concepts, and challenging shooting drills go into this rewarding training experience.

Idaho Student Firearms Training Courses

Student Firearm Courses

Hell Week™ Pistol Instructor Training experience in Idaho - Idaho Firearms Classes

Level 1 Firearms Training LLC leverages Modern Gun Training Techniques and modern training tools to help our students succeed.

Too often, students are handed a firearm, told how to load it, and then shoot at the target. You’ll see this practice primarily at ranges where their primary concern is getting you shooting, selling you memberships, and offering guns and accessories for sale.

As a responsible citizen, you have more significant concerns. How to use your firearm safely, shoot more accurately, maintain, and secure your firearm from unauthorized users. No matter your situation, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC has a class to meet your personal goals.

Idaho Firearms Instructor Courses

Idaho Level 1 Firearms Training - Pistol Instructor Qualification Shoot - Idaho Firearms Classes

Using Modern Gun Training Techniques for training, Level 1 Firearms Training LLC teaches aspiring Idaho Firearms Pistol Instructor Classes to learn in an informative environment free from distractions. We focus on how to teach students using the latest Modern Gun Training Techniques to relax them during training while learning at a comfortable pace. Level 1 Firearms Training LLC teaches aspiring Firearms Instructors the essentials using advanced teaching methods to understand the student training process.

Learn how to train your students to become better shooters, understand essential concepts, and improve your training skills. By leveraging our Modern Gun Training Tools and Techniques, you can apply these lessons to enhance the skills of your students.

Instructors help prepare and improve students’ understanding of safely owning a gun. This includes handling it correctly, maintaining it, and shooting a pistol.

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