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Receive the best in shotgun classes with Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC. Our classes leverage Modern Gun Training Techniques with old training methods to combine the best of both worlds. Don’t be taught learning old tricks by old instructors. Our instructors are ready to teach you the best of class lessons on how to shoot a shotgun efficiently.

Students at Level 1 Firearms Training LLC learn faster, retain more information, and gain confidence as they progress through our shotgun training modules.

Our shotgun training program is built on concept and performance modules starting with the beginning concepts of safety and securing the shotgun when not used. The course teaches the basic gun safety rules when handling a shotgun and how to shoot a shotgun. The covers a variety of shotgun styles, ammunition, an overview of Idaho Laws, and the different tournaments you can join. The course overviews additional training opportunities and beginner shotgun sports activities.

No matter where you are in your training, Level 1 Firearms Training has a shotgun class that’s just right for you. From the beginner shotgun shooter to the up-and-coming advanced student, you will find something new at Level 1 Firearms Training.

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Idaho Shotgun Classes 101 – Beginner Shotgun Class

Our Idaho Shotgun Classes 101 introduces the beginner shotgun shooter to the fun and fascinating world of shogun shooting.

Using Modern Gun Training Techniques coupled with old-school training, our beginner shotgun class has shotgun shooters shooting more accurately in less time.

This class is designed as a beginner introduction to the various shotguns available, their actions, advantages and disadvantages, safe handling, gun safety rules, basic shooting stances, care and maintenance of a shotgun, and a discussion on the popular shotgun sports activities available for recreation. We will discuss the best shotgun for your needs and how you intend to use it. The purpose of this class is to get you comfortable with the shotgun itself, and its terminology, and to understand how they operate.

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Shotgun Classes 101 – Beginner Shotgun Class

Idaho Shotgun Classes 102 – Hitting the Target

Our Idaho Shotgun Classes 102 Class builds on the lessons learned during the Idaho Beginner Shotgun Classes 101.

In this shotgun class, we further leverage our Modern Gun Training Techniques by revisiting and refocusing our efforts on the essential fundamentals of shotgun shooting. Less time is spent in class and more on-field training with more complex target acquisition drills.

This class will take beginner shotgun shooters to a new level as they increase their skills and hit more targets more often. A deeper discussion about shotgun sporting events will include trap, skeet, and sporting clays. Depending on field availability, this class may visit one or more shotgun fields to understand better the sport and what it offers.

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Idaho Defensive Shotgun Classes

Our Idaho Defensive Shotgun Classes 101 provides the student with a level of confidence no other shotgun class can provide. Students are taught how to present their shotgun from three different ready positions to make positive shots when engaged in a fight.

This course covers advanced shotgun skills, emphasizing the proper mindset when using a shotgun as a defensive tool. A heavy concentration on firearms safety rules, shotgun handling, marksmanship, defensive techniques, and moral, ethical, and legal considerations.

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