Note: Level 1 Firearms Training does not provide security guard training. The Idaho Church Security Training is for private, in-house security teams.

About Our Idaho Church Security Training

Idaho Church Security Training

Our Idaho Church Security Training was developed to assist churches in defending themselves from all levels of security threats, not just mass-shooting events.

The program’s goal is to assist church leaders in defending against all acts of random physical violence.

Overview of Church Security Training

A church (herein churches, temples, mosques, and synagogues) is a haven for those who wish to pray, seek comfort in a holy place of worship, and speak directly to their God. Members of the church have the right to feel safe and secure.

The Church Security Plan

We take a holistic approach to your church security plan. We focus on securing the premises, creating deterrents, providing de-escalation techniques, establishing security policies, and more. Your church security team is the eyes and ears of the parishioners when attending services.

We believe in a holistic approach to church safety and security measures. We train church ministries based on their mission, not on their shooting skills. Anyone could be part of the church security team without carrying a gun to be part of this essential team.

Open to All

Church Parishioners

The challenges places of worship face are ongoing and realistically cannot be changed. Places of worship must be open to all who want to attend. They open their doors for strangers to come to join in prayer.

Do you remember there was a time when churches remained open during the evening? Like everything else these days, we’re forced to lock the church doors to prevent vandalism.

Basic Security Checklist

The following security checklist is the minimum a church security team should enforce.

  • Outer Doors – Allow parishioners only one set of doors to enter and exit. Exterior doors are designated as “Emergency Exits Only.”
  • Inner Doors – The “open door” policy of most houses of worship presents a unique security challenge. At the very least, install deadbolts, backup locks, door jams, or other security measures.
  • Video Surveillance – One of the best deterrents is having video surveillance at all entrances and hallways. They provide a high level of protection and capture wrongdoers in the act. Do not go without video surveillance!
  • Lockdown Procedures – Where do parishioners go? Who calls 911?
  • Countermeasures – Will the church have an active defensive plan? Will there be armed parishioners?
  • Armed Parishioners – Make sure parishioners know a security team is in place. Introduce them at the beginning of church services. This will help deter violent acts and inform your concealed-carry parishioners not to shoot the good guys.

Church Security Team

Statistically, church shootings are on the rise, many times for no reason at all. Churches without an armed security team are simply inviting an attack from criminals. Security teams are aware of these potential breakouts and are trained to respond to them. Don’t leave your church open to vulnerable attacks.

That’s where a good, all-around, well-planned security team comes to light. The church takes several procedures to deter a shooting event. A well-trained security team is necessary to protect the church as a whole.

If you believe it’s time to consider forming or training a current church security group, it’s time to make the call to Level 1 Firearms Training, LLC. We can assist you and your ministry in additional training, firearms training, and other areas you may have for starting or improving your church security team.

Have your security team trained properly. Our experienced staff will analyze your weak points, provide solutions, and train your church security team to minimize exposure if and when they act. Contact Level 1 Firearms Training LLC for assistance training your church security team.