About the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Instructor Qualifications

The Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons Instructor Qualifications consist of several factors.

Listed below is Title 18 of the Idaho state statutes for a concealed carry instructor.

CCW Requirements for Instructors





Section 18-3302K – Idaho State Legislature

Certified instructors of handgun courses when filing an application under this section shall not be required to submit such certificates but must submit a copy of their current instructor’s credential. The sheriff must accept as a qualifying handgun course a personal protection course offered by the national rifle association or an equivalent, provided that all personal protection or equivalent courses must meet the following requirements:

(i)  The course instructor is certified by the national rifle association, or by another nationally recognized organization that customarily certifies firearms instructors, as an instructor in personal protection with handguns, or the course instructor is certified by the Idaho peace officers standards and training council as a firearms instructor;

(ii)  The course is at least eight (8) hours in duration;

(iii)  The course is taught face to face and not by electronic or other means; and

(iv)  The course includes instruction in:

1.  Idaho law relating to firearms and the use of deadly force, provided that such instruction is delivered by either of the following whose name and credential must appear on the certificate:

(A)  An active, senior or emeritus member of the Idaho state bar; or

(B)  A law enforcement officer who possesses an intermediate or higher Idaho peace officers standards and training certificate;

2.  The basic concepts of the safe and responsible use of handguns;

3.  Self-defense principles; and

4.  Live fire training including the firing of at least ninety-eight (98) rounds by the student.

An instructor must provide a copy of the syllabus and a written description of the course of fire used in a qualifying handgun course that includes the name of the individual instructing the legal portion of the course to the sheriff upon request.

(d)  The license must be clearly distinguishable from a license issued pursuant to section 18-3302, Idaho Code, and must be marked “Idaho enhanced concealed weapons license” on its face.

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