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The NRA Certified Training Counselor is responsible for training new instructor candidates according to NRA lesson plans. Counselors will conduct the NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) and the NRA Basic Pistol Instructor courses over a two-day period. Instructor candidates must know how to teach the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Course efficiently to new students.

Counselors must ensure instructor candidates are able to demonstrate a complete understanding of the basics of pistol safety, operations, shooting, cleaning, maintenance, and secure storage of firearms when not in use. Instructor candidates must demonstrate their proficiency to operate and shoot with a physical single and double-action revolver, along with a semi-automatic pistol.  Appropriate training cartridges, speed loaders, and magazines must be physically present with sufficient training cartridges to fill to capacity. The NRA Certified Training Counselor must administer appropriate shooting qualifications and written tests. Course completion reports must be submitted to the NRA upon completion of each course taught. Some jobs may require overnight travel.

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