3-Gun Competition

Come train for the Idaho 3-Gun Competition with Level 1 Firearms Training.

The Idaho 3-gun competition name is somewhat obvious. Participants must show their expertise in three disciplines: Pistol, Rifle (built on the AR-15 platform), and Shotgun.

Matches involve courses where the shooter must move through different stages while engaging targets along the way. During the process, different firearms are used to meet the tournament requirements.

Targets include clay pigeons, silhouettes, steel targets, and other challenges the organizer determines are best. Often, a shoot or no-shoot scenario is presented to the shooter challenging their defensive skills.

Idaho 3-GUN Rifles

Most 3-gun competitors use rifles chambered at the .233 caliber while leveraging shorter barrels. They tend to lean towards 30-round magazines to get the job done.

Idaho 3-Gun Pistols

Most competitors use a reliable pistol during the competition. Shooters tend to rely on the Sig Sauer platform for reliability purposes. Shooters tend to shoot 9mm semi-ammunition, but it is not uncommon to see .40 ammunition.

Idaho 3-Gun Shotguns

Shooters can use any semi-automatic or pump-action shotgun to use during the competition.

Idaho 3-Gun Accessories

Every shooter needs a pistol holster that they can pull and present relatively quickly. They also need a belt system to accommodate additional magazines used during the competition.

Idaho 3-Gun Training

Level 1 Firearms Training provides training for 3-gun events. We set up various courses to challenge the shooter. During their “match,” we video their shooting techniques. The video recordings allow us to review and see the actions taken during the course. This allows the shooter and our instructors to review and provide tactical feedback for improvement.

Idaho 3-gun competitions are challenging and fun. We encourage every shooter to participate in Idaho 3-gun competitions to improve their shooting abilities while having fun.

The Best in Training

Level 1 Firearms Training provides quality instructors who know how to shoot 3-gun competitions. We provide expert advice on how to train and improve your skills. Contact Level 1 Firearms Training when you are ready to take your shooting skills to the next level.