Idaho Women Only Workshops
Idaho Women's Only Workshops

Women’s Only Workshop

Women’s Only Workshop™. Classes are taught by a nationally recognized and accredited female firearms instructor. […]

Idaho Enhanced Conceal Carry Reciprocity Map

Idaho Concealed Carry Class

The Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class is one of the strongest and most respected concealed carry licenses. The Idaho Enhanced CCW is honored in 37 states nationwide. […]

IMAGE: Level 1 Firearms Training Instructor Checklist

What to Expect at Idaho CCW Classes

What to Expect During the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Carry Class. This is a common question and justifiably so when it comes to a firearms class.

Level 1 Firearms Training Instructors are highly trained, professional, and thorough when conducting their firearms training. […]

Idaho Long-Range Rifle Class

Idaho Long-Range Rifle Class

The Idaho Long-Range Rifle Class 101 is designed to teach the core essentials of shooting a rifle at long ranges. The class focuses on long-distance shooting, sighting rifle scopes, and Minutes of Angles (MOA) to reach targets at a far distance. […]

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Idaho Instructor Specialty Classes

Our Idaho Instructor Specialty Classes focus beyond the level firearms instructors possess in training. Classes address the many areas of our lives that are important to consider, self-defense, security, and surroundings. If you do not […]